At a customer's request our sets can be modified and the elements can be made in any colour from our palettes.

*new model Despiro - DP 21

When designing the ’All in One Control’ line of our products, we focused on making our joinery a part of the Smart Home. The technologies we recommend make it much easier to manage your home providing you with the highest comfort and safety.


’Control’ is a set of motors, transmitters and control units that cooperate with each other and allow convenient steering of roller shutters, a garage door, entrance doors, an alarm or even lights. After connecting with devices such as Tahoma Premium or Connexoon, a user gains the possibility of controlling them from any device that has the access to Wi-Fi and also IOS or Android operational system e.g. a tablet, smartphone, smartwatch or portable computer.

By choosing products from the ’All in One Control’ line, customers can be sure of complete technological compatibility. A customer chooses products and we adjust all automatic elements the products are to be equipped with. While completing the devices we go exclusively for the best solutions by the renowned European manufacturer - Somfy.

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Our collection is specially designed for customers with the most sophisticated taste and those who pay attention to every tiniest detail while designing a house.


The All in One Design elegant line of products not only saves time required for selecting the joinery, but above all guarantees a harmonious look of windows, entrance doors, garage doors and roller shutters. Moreover, this solution ensures the complete technological consistency and convenience when ordering all the joinery elements from a single manufacturer. The All in One Design products are available in both u-PVC and aluminium versions to suit the customers' needs.

Our customers can choose between toned sets, recommended for traditional buildings, and the ones distinguished for their colours and ornaments that will perfectly match modern architecture.


The names of particular sets do not derive from names of the Italian cities by coincidence. Italians are mostly known for their passion for art and fashion as well as their extraordinary sense of aesthetics. Therefore, the product line All in One Design combines the most fashionable colours, courageous combinations of materials and ornaments. It also offers the highest quality of the final product and possibility of various choices. Customers can choose a window system, a roller shutter, an entrance door type and a garage door, leaving the arrangement to us. If you go for products from the All in One Design line, you can be sure the building facade will gain a consistent and tailored look that will satisfy your expecations as well as requirements.

At a customer's request our sets can be modified and the elements can be made in any colour from our palettes.

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